Wealth Reading


What is my Purpose? Wealth Palm Reading

As with all the palm readings completed by the palm readers at Read My Palm Online, the Wealth reading begins with a personality overview.

The palm reader will start by providing an analysis of your Head Line your palm reading which makes up the Character Overview portion of your reading and lays the foundation for the rest.

As we move through your reading, our palm readers will build upon the information learnt from your Head Line by taking a close look at your Fate Line and Money Line. This will allow the palm reader to discuss your Career Prospects and Financial Situation.

Our wealth reading is perfect for people who aren’t really sure what to do with their life.

Approximate Length: 500 – 600 words



Looking at your Fate Line and Money Line, our wealth palm reading is perfect for anyone who isn’t sure what to do with their life. You’ll walk away from the reading with an idea of what sorts of careers will be suited to you and how you will handle the money they provide.