Relationship Reading


Just the Good Bits: Relationship Reading

Like all of the palm readings offered at Read My Palm Online, the Relationship Reading begins with a personality overview.

This Character Overview consists of a quick analysis of your Head Line and brief discussion of your personality which lays the foundation for the rest of your reading.

In this lovely reading, the palm reader will delve into your romantic life and provide a detailed overview of your life as it relates to Love and Romance. This is facilitated by looking at your Heart Line and Marriage Line.

The relationship reading is ideal for people who are only wanting to know about their life as it relates to the realms of love and romance.

Approximate length: 500 – 600 words



Your relationship reading will begin with personality overview based on insights provided from your head line.

From there our palm reader will discuss your love lifeĀ  according to your marriage and heart lines.

Approximate length: 500 – 600 words

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